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Unused Skills

  • Bushido
  • Focus
  • Mysticism
  • Spellweaving
  • Throwing

❌ Note that Remove Trap, Stealth and all Unused Skills including Bowcraft/Fletching are unable to receive skill points from character creation. Any points spent on these skills will be lost as these skills will automatically be set back to zero.

Skills Guide

  • Alchemy - Create potions that you can use during combat
  • Anatomy - See the physical characteristics of a human. Increases melee damage. On Siege Perilous it determines chance to land a special blow.
  • Animal Lore - Get information about an animal. Also necessary for successful animal taming.
  • Archery - Combat using bows and crossbows. Increases your chance to hit.
  • Arms Lore - See the durability of a weapon. On Siege Perilous it identifies corrosion on a weapon.
  • Begging - Beg NPC's for small amounts of money. Disabled on Siege Perilous.
  • Blacksmithy - Create armor and weapons from metal ingots. On Angel Island, you can craft magic equipment.
  • Bowcraft/Fletching - Carpentry is used instead of Bowcraft/Fletching on both Angel Island and Siege Perilous.
  • Camping - Create a campsite that allows you to log out instantly anywhere in the world.
  • Carpentry - Create furniture, weapons, and house addons with wood.
  • Cooking - Cook raw meat to make it edible.
  • Discordance - Lower stats of a target. Requires Musicianship. On Siege Perilous, it entices the creature to follow you peacefully.
  • Fencing - Combat using daggers, krysses, war forks, and spears. Increases your chance to hit.
  • Fishing - Use a fishing rod to find fish, SOS messages, and treasure.
  • Healing - Heal yourself or others using cloth bandages. Anatomy increases the amount and ability of the Healing skill.
  • Herding - Coerce an animal to move from one spot to another.
  • Hiding - Vanish from sight of players and monsters.
  • Inscription - Create spell scrolls, spellbooks, and rune books. Bonuses to protective spells at GM skill level.
  • Mace Fighting - Combat using maces and hammers. Increases your chance to hit.
  • Magery - Cast magical spells with a variety of effects.
  • Mining - Dig ore from rocks and smelt it into Ingots.
  • Musicianship - Play music with instruments. See Discordance, Peacemaking, and Provocation.
  • Parrying - Block melee attacks with a shield.
  • Peacemaking - Calms a target NPC, stopping them from attacking. On Siege Perilous peacemaking affects those in proximity of the player using it.
  • Poisoning - Poison weapons and arrows. Also increases poison damage from weapons, arrows, and spells. There are no Poisoned arrows on Siege Perilous.
  • Snooping - Snoop into other player or NPC's backpacks to see what valuables they have.
  • Stealing - Steal items from a player or NPC.
  • Stealth - Move short distances while hidden.
  • Swordsmanship - Combat with swords, axes, and polearms. increases chance to hit.
  • Tactics - Greatly increase combat damage with melee and ranged weapons.
  • Tailoring - Stitch clothes and leather armor.
  • Tracking - Track players and NPC's at great distances.
  • Wrestling - Combat with your bare hands. Like all weapon skills, wrestling also increases chance to hit (or avoid being hit.)

Notes on Skills

It's important to note that some skills have abilities that require a certain level of skill to perform, such as resurrection using bandages which takes a minimum of 80 healing and 80 anatomy to perform. Some skills are influenced by your characters Statistics which gives you a bonus to your skills. This bonus is taken into account for all formulas on Angel Island and Siege Perilous.

You do not need to worry about your skills gaining slower once you have reached the total skill cap and need to reduce skills to advance other skills on either Angel Island or Siege Perilous.

Skill Differences Table:
Angel Island  Siege Perilous
Alchemy Purple Potions are heat-seeking. Purple Potions are not heat-seeking.
Animal Taming Normal taming difficulty. 2x harder to begin taming high end tameables.
Begging Normal mechanics. Disabled.
Cooking Modern Classic
Discordance Normal Entices the creature to follow and not enter combat.
Lockpicking Must purchase skill training from NPC to increase skill level beyond 0.0 Able to gain from 0 on beginner chests inside banks.
Lumberjacking Colored Woods Regular Wood Only
Magery Recall works No recall
Peacemaking Targeted Peacemaking will de-aggro all mobs in range for a short period of time.
Poisoning Certain metals resist Corrosion. All metals affected equally by Corrosion.
Stealing Thieves Guild requires 60 stealing + 48 hour character age No requirements to join Thieves Guild
Stealing Thieves Guild removes those guilty of murder. No removal from Thieves Guild for murder.
Stealing Guards alert players to the presence of thieves. Guards will not alert players of nearby thieves.