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General Information

Your skill in Musicianship determines how well you can play bardic instruments, such as drums or a lute. The higher your skill, the more melodical and harmonious the music that you produce will be.

Secondary Skills

There are a few skills that can turn your musical ability into a powerful weapon. These secondary skills work in conjunction with Musicianship in order to produce an effect on monsters:


This skill allows you to turn hostile creatures into friendly ones. You must remain on screen in order for the effect to continue.


You can use this skill to provoke a creature to attack another one. You can also use it to taunt monsters to attack yourself.


Using this skill, it is possible to make music which is so distracting that creatures aren't able to meet their full potential. Their skill ratings are lowered.

Training Musicianship

In terms of training, the musicianship skill can be trained to GM by simply repeatedly using instruments until they break. You may increase the speed of skill gain by also using the secondary skills as you train, the most convenient of which being Peacemaking.

Music Composition

Angel Island features an extensive system for the custom composition of music. Enterprising Troubadours can also sell their own Sheet Music to other musicians.

Note that you must have sufficient skill in Musicianship in order to compose your own music. For more information, see Music Composition.

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