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Alchemy skill is used to create magical potions which can be used by any character. The details of how each potion functions can be found below.

In order to craft a potion, one must have the requisite reagent(s), one mortar and pestle and at least one empty bottle. Simply double-click the mortar and pestle and you will be presented with a menu to select which type of potion and the subsequent strength.

Stronger potion variants require more reagents to craft so stock accordingly. Click the button to the right of the potion variant to see the details for success rates and required resources.

Using a mortar and pestle you will find out the likelihood of a successful alchemy attempt in a percentage format. To get a higher chance of success you must raise your skill by producing challenging potions.

When you select your desired potion strength, you will attempt to craft the potion. If successful, an empty bottle will be filled automatically and placed in your main pack (this will be patched in time, to place the potions in the container the empty bottle was in when crafted).

If you have a keg in your pack, containing at least one potion of kind, the similar potion will be automatically added to the keg, leaving the bottle empty in your pack. You cannot craft directly to a keg. You must have at least one empty bottle in order to add potions to a keg.

Note that you must have a free hand to drink a potion.

Important Note: Be sure not to throw any purple potions while under the protection of the Town Guards for they take this as a dangerous action, and will see you as a criminal.


On Angel Island having GM alchemy unlocks the ability to throw "heat seeking" purple explosion potions, making them track your target when thrown at the correct time. Note that you must have full hit points and full stamina for it to work.

Training Alchemy

  • Lesser Cure 0.0-0.9
  • Lesser Poison 0.9-25.0
  • Agility 25.0-41.7
  • Strength 41.7-75.0
  • Greater Poison 75.0-GM