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The Blacksmithy skill lets you craft weapons, shields, and metal armor. You can also repair these things.

Double-click on a smith's hammer or tongs while in the vicinity of a forge and anvil. A window will open displaying the types of armor and weapons you can make (based on your skill and your current supply of metal). Select the item you wish to make. If you're successful an item of that type will be created and placed into your backpack.

Select the anvil icon in the selector window to attempt to repair a metal item, then click on the item you wish to repair (note that on a botched repair attempt, it is actually possible to damage the item further, or even destroy it completely). Some metal is lost every time an item is reforged, so you cannot keep reforging the same item into something else and back again.

In conjunction with Magery it is possible to craft equipment with magical attributes. See Magic Equipment Crafting for more information.

Training Blacksmithing

  • Dagger 0.0-45.3
  • Short Spear 45.3-95.3
  • Plate Gorget 95.3-GM

See Also: Mining