Return Over Time (RoT)

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Return Over Time

On Siege Perilous, there have been changes to character development in order to balance the ruleset. Characters are limited to one account with only one character, and as a result, the rate of skill and stat gain must also be limited to inhibit players from quickly changing their builds using macros. The underlying point of this system is to level the playing field so that the players ability to play the game matters more than their ability to develop their character.

Changes to Skill Gain:

  • While your character is under 70 points in a skill, that skill will gain at the regular rate.
  • While your character is between 70 and 79.9 points in a skill, it will gain 3.6 points maximum per (earth) day, with a minimum of 20 minutes between each decimal point gained.
  • While your character is between 80 and 98.9 points in a skill, the skill will gain 2 points maximum per (earth) day, with a minimum of 40 minutes between each decimal point gained.
  • Any skill that is between 99.0 points and the maximum will gain 2 points total per (earth) day, with a minimum of 60 minutes between each decimal point gained.

For example, when your skill level first reaches 70.1, you will need to wait 20 minutes before it will be able to attempt to gain it to 70.2. Once the 20 minutes is up, you can start to try to gain the skill again, which is not guaranteed to happen right away.

Changes to Stat Gain:

Statistics (such as your characters strength, intelligence and dexterity) will only gain a maximum of 6 points per (earth) day. It is a total of 6 points between all of those statistics per day (ie. it could be 1 strength, 1 dexterity and 4 intelligence = 6 total for one full earth day.)

Daily Reset Time

The 24 hour (earth day) cooldown timer begins to run down at the moment of your characters first skill check. This can either be after you create your character or after the cooldown from the previous day has expired.

Skill checks occur any time the game needs to use information about your characters skills in any of it's formulas, so the cooldown will begin basically any time a skill is used in any way.

Other Information

While logged into Siege Perilous Test Center you can issue the Rotstatus command:


[RotStatus swords

This will give you real-time feedback about RoT calculations such as your characters time to next gain, chance to gain, etc. You can use it for any skill, but swords is used in the example above in order to demonstrate the correct formatting of the command.