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Tailoring allows you to craft clothes and leather armor. Exceptional clothes crafted by a tailor are newbied and will stay with you when you die. Tailoring combined with Alchemy allows you to make Special Dye Tubs. Tailoring combined with Inscription allows you to embroider clothes if you have read the embroidery book.

Training Tailoring

  • Skullcap 0.0-7.4
  • Body Sash 7.4-20.7
  • Half Apron 20.7-27.0
  • Short Pants 27.0-41.5
  • Fancy Dress 41.5-45.1
  • Cloak 45.1-54.0
  • Robe 54.0-74.6
  • Oil Cloth 74.6-75.9
  • Leather Gloves 75.9-76.8
  • Leather Gorget 76.8-78.9
  • Studded Gorget 78.9-GM