The Summoner

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Angel Island is please to present another original; The Summoner!

The Summoner is a new mage oriented PvM option that allows a character to excel at using summoned creatures.. Below are some of the key characteristics and implementation notes for the Summoner.


Summoned monsters are granted more strength when the caster also possesses GM Spirit Speak. In addition to being stronger, the summoned monsters are more difficult to dispel. Mass Dispel is required to dispatch these monsters.

Netherworld Energy

Using spirit speak initializes a 10 second period in which repeated spirit speaking can channel netherworld energy heal summoned pets. After 10 seconds of charging, netherworld energy heals your summoned pets within 4 tiles.

Horde Minion

When casting summon creature spell and having GM Spirit Speak, the summoner brings forth a helper from the Netherworld. He will gather up anything that is left on the ground and can carry heavy items. He is vulnerable, he can be dispelled, and killed. Whatever loot he is carrying, he will drop on the ground when he is dispatched.