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Tinkering is used to create various tools from metal (ingots). Use tinker's tools to open the Tinkering Trade Gump. Tinkering can be used in conjunction with Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Carpentry to make a variety of different items. The tinkering skill can also be used to trap containers such as the lockboxes in your home.

Training Tinkering

  • Key Copying 0.0-50.0
  • Crafting Lockpicks 50.0-90.0
  • Crafting Scales 90.0-99.9

Note* You can gain skill in tinkering by making copies of your keys. Simply double click a blank key and target a key to make a copy of it. Blank keys can be purchased from tinker NPC's for a much lower price per unit than it costs to craft them.