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General Information

The fishing skill allows you to catch fish, footwear and most notably, sunken treasure!

To use the fishing skill, simply grab a fishing pole, double click it and target nearby water. Some items may only be pulled up in deep water. Deep water is any water that is at least 25 tiles away from the shoreline. There's only a few piers deep enough that allow you to fish in deep water. One example being the piers of Magincia docks. Otherwise, you'll need a boat to do deep water fishing. See also: Boats and Pirating

Be careful! If you're fishing in deep water at 80 fishing or higher, you'll be pulling up sea serpents with special rewards on them. Be ready to fight these creatures if you're heading out to the open seas.

Note: The edge of the map counts as shoreline. If you want to do deep-water fishing along the map edge, make sure you are far enough away from the edge.

Skill Training

Training fishing couldn't be easier, head to nearest coast or dock and repeatedly cast your fishing pole till you hit 100 fishing.

Fishing Rewards

The following items can be pulled up anywhere, at any skill level.

Item Description
Fish Fresh fish! Can be cut up into fish steaks using a dagger.
Footwear This includes shoes, sandals, boots and thigh boots. Can be cut up into leather using scissors.
Highly Peculiar Fish When eaten, restores 10 stamina.
Truly Rare Fish When eaten, temporarily increases your strength by +5 for 1 minute.
Wondrous Fish When eaten, temporarily increases your dexterity by +5 for 1 minute.
Prized Fish When eaten, temporarily increases your intelligence by +5 for 1 minute.

The following items can only be pulled up in deep water, at a certain skill level. The more valuable nets, maps and MiBs will not simply be added to your pack - they will be carried by sea serpents. You must kill and loot the sea serpent to claim your reward.

Skill Req. Item Description
80 Big Fish These monstrous fish weigh a hefty 100 stones. Can be cut up into fish steaks using a dagger. Can also be crafted into a fish trophy using a taxidermy kit and the carpentry skill.
80 Treasure Map A level 1 treasure map.
90 Special Fishing Net A special fishing net. When used, the net sinks slowly into the sea with some bubbles, another wave of bubble heralds the arrival of a set of 3 or 4 nasty monsters consisting of water elementals, sea serpents, deep sea serpents, or kraken. The nets can be found in various colors but only the plain, green, one is usually used in fishing, the colored ones being much in demand as decor. Can only be used in deep water.
100 Message in a Bottle Often abbreviated as MiB. The MiB is a bottle containing an SOS message of an unfortunate sailor. Read the note inside to find the coordinates of sunken treasure! To recover the sunken treasure, fish at the given coordinates while having the SOS message in your pack. See Sunken Treasure below. MiBs come in different levels, normally ranging from levels 1-3. MiBs of levels 4 and 5 may be obtained from fishing at secret fishing spots. See Sea Charts for more information regarding secret fishing spots.

Sunken Treasure

While fishing for sunken treasure, you may find sunken deco. The deco ranges from shells to paintings. When you pull out the sunken treasure chest, the SOS message is removed from your pack. The loot you'll find inside the chest depends on the level of the MiB. The higher the level, the more loot you'll find. Typically the chest itself is a plain wooden chest. However, MiBs of level 4 or 5 have a chance of dropping a metal golden chest instead.

Newbied Fishing Pole

Any new character that starts with at least 1 skil point in fishing receives a newbied fishing pole. Newbied fishing poles cannot be stolen, will remain in your pack on death.

See Also: Sea Charts