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Damage occurs whenever your weapon comes into contact with corrosive substances. Whether it's from striking acidic slimes and elementals or blood mixing in with poison, corrosion damage will chew away at your weapons durability until there is nothing left.

On Angel Island there are methods for avoiding corrosion in both wooden weapons and those made from metal.

Soft Metals

Certain metals are considered to be soft and are well known for their ability to resist corrosion damage. They include:

  1. Dull Copper
  2. Copper
  3. Bronze
  4. Gold

Weapons crafted using these materials will resist 100% of corrosion from substances of all kinds.

Note that weapons crafted from these metals can be used by Zora in the creation of slayer and super-slayer weaponry.


All wooden weapons can be sealed with wax to prevent corrosion. Sealed weapons will resist 100% of corrosion damage, either from contact with acidic creatures or poison mixing with blood.

Wax Pots are available on the beekeeper for 60 gp. You’ll need 4 beeswax and the Cooking skill to provide a weapon with 20 coats of wax.

Under Ingredients in the Cooking menu, you will select Melted Wax. Your empty pot will be filled with wax.

Next, double click the pot to apply the wax (20 coats at a time) to the wooden weapon of your choice.

Note that the hue of your weapon will not change.