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General Information

Animal Taming allows you to tame animals and monsters to fight for you. Simply use the animal taming skill on an untamed creature.

Angel Island also has a custom Dragon Breeding system for tamers to breed their own specialized pet dragons.

Animal Trainers

Animal Trainers on Angel Island are able to help players find animals in the wilderness. Simply say their name plus the name of the animal you wish to find, and they will give you coordinates of approximately where to find the closest one of them.

Pet Bonding

Your pet will bond with you if you keep it wonderfully happy for seven real life days. The best way to accomplish this is to feed your pet to max and then stable it for a week, feeding it again after that to complete the bonding process.

Note* Pets which are bonded will suffer stat-loss on resurrection.

Training Taming

  • Walruses, snow leopards, polar bears (Dagger Island) or Forest critters (Britain Moongate) 50.0-59.1:
  • Walruses, snow leopards, polar bears (Dagger Island) or Forest critters, Grizzly Bears (Mainland forests) 59.1-65.1:
  • White Wolves (Dagger Island) 65.1-71.1:
  • Bulls (Jhelom Bull Pen) 71.1-83.1:
  • Great Harts (Moonglow, Barrier Island) 83.1-95.1:
  • Nightmares (Covetous 2) 95.1-GM:

Taming Requirements

Animal Skill Required Slots Required Location
Bull Frog 23.1
Hind 23.1
Timber Wolf 23.1
Boar 29.1
Horse 29.1
Black Bear 35.1
Polar Bear 35.1
Walrus 35.1
Brown Bear 41.1
Cougar 41.1
Scorpion (*) 47.1
Grey Wolf 53.1
Panther 53.1
Snow Leopard 53.1
Giant Spider (*) 59.1
Grizzly Bear 59.1
White Wolf 65.1
Bull 71.1
Hell Cat (*) 71.1
Giant Toad 77.1
Dire Wolf (*) 83.1
Great Hart 83.1
Drake (*) 84.3
Hell Hound (*) 85.5
Dragon (*) 93.9
Nightmare (*) 95.1

(*): Aggressive

Note* Taming requirements are based on shown skill.

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