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Q: Does this server have the Trammel Facet?

A: No, this shard utilizes the Felucca facet only.

Q: Do reds get stat loss?

A: Reds suffer stat loss if they res with 5 short term murder counts or more. Stat loss is 10% loss of skills and stats. But at each death a murderer with over 5 murder counts will be asked if they wish to attend Angel Island Prison. Upon selecting this option the person will be resurrected with no penalties.

Q: What is Angel Island Prison?

A: It is an alternative to stat loss. You can either wait for your murder counts to meet a minimum number to be paroled, or attempt to escape the island… if you know its secrets.. Murder counts decay faster while inside the Prison; 4 hours for shorts 20 hours for longs.

Q: Is Insta-Hit enabled?

A: No, the events of Angel Island take place within the renaissance era.

Q: Does the Eval/Anat Combo work here?

A: Yes, Eval/Anat grants the defensive equivalent of wrestling.

Q: I hear there are ways of activating special moves?

A: Set your “Primary Ability” to a macro in the UO Options -> Macro Tab.

Q: Can I sell things to NPCs?

A: Nope, it’s a purely player ran economy. You can sell certain items to vendors on consignment through the Balanced Buyback System.

Q: I hear the magic spell “Arch Cure” is changed?

A: Arch Cure is actually considered to be “Greater Cure” here which is used to remove higher level poisons.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Type [password to change your password. Alternately you can use [profile to activate your account for security purposes.

Q: I have another question?

A: Please feel free to ask the community questions in our very active Discord channel!