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On Angel Island, players control the severity of the stat loss penalty for murderers. This is made possible by the Angel Island Prison system.

General Information

In UO there are long term murder counts and short term murder counts. Every time you kill an innocent and they report you for it, you get a long term and a short term murder count. Long terms last 40 hours before deteriorating, and short terms last 8.

Long term murder counts determine if you are red or blue; 5 or more long terms and you’re red. Short term murder counts determine if you will take stat loss upon resurrection.

You will lose 10% of your stats and skills when you are resurrected if you are subject to stat loss. To see if you are eligible for stat loss say “I must consider my sins”.

There are a number of messages:

No stat loss:

  • Fear not, thou hast not slain the innocent.
  • Fear not, thou hast not slain the innocent in some time.
  • Although thou hast slain the innocent, thy deeds shall not bring retribution upon thy return to the living.

Stat loss:

  • If thou should return to the land of the living, the innocent shall wreak havoc upon thy soul.

Note* if you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law as a murderer, you may just end up in prison.

The Prison

You may choose to do time in Angel Island Prison. If you have 5 or more short term murder counts and die, you will be offered a prompt that will allow you to go to Angel Island Prison instead of taking stat loss. You can also voluntarily go to Angel Island via the teleporter in Oc'Nivelle.

Players can pay to increase the duration of a murderers next prison sentence. Currently, every 10k paid will increase the duration by one term. Note* the option to increase a murderers next prison sentence is *only* available to a player after they've been murdered.

While you are alive in Prison your counts will decay at a rate of 4 hours and 20 hours, half what they would in the free land. Only when you are alive however, otherwise nothing changes. When you get down to less than 5 short term counts, you are free to leave.

If you manage to escape your short terms will be reduced by something on the order of half.

Note* there have also been rumors of corrupt officials within the Prison Guard, so perhaps it’s possible to bribe your way off the island…

Island Stingers

Island Stingers are so dangerous that even a mage can be lethal while wielding one.

This special dagger acts as though you have 90 skill in fencing even if you have no weapon skill.