Magic Equipment Crafting

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Magic Equipment Crafting

Mages on Angel Island are able to create magical weapons, armor and shields in conjunction with certain crafting skills.

For now, however, this section only contains information related to crafting magical equipment with the Blacksmithing skill.


When equipment is crafted it has a chance to become exceptional based on the crafter's skill level. Once the equipment being crafted is determined to be either normal or exceptional, it is assigned a maximum number of durability points.

On Angel Island it is possible to go one step further than normal and consecrate equipment with magical properties. (ie. durable or eminently accurate.)

Table 1: Blacksmith Magic Equipment Crafting
Spell Circle / Ore Mana Req. Magery Req. Max Attribute Tier
1st / Dull Copper 4 0.1 Invulnerability, Durable, Might, Surpassingly
2nd / Shadow Iron 6 0.1 Invulnerability, Indestructable, Might, Surpassingly
3rd / Copper 9 10.1 Invulnerability, Durable, Might, Surpassingly
4th / Bronze 11 24.1 Invulnerability, Substantial, Might, Surpassingly
5th / Gold 14 38.1 Invulnerability, Indestructable, Might, Surpassingly
6th / Agapite 20 52.1 Invulnerability, Indestructable, Force, Eminently
7th / Verite 40 66.1 Invulnerability, Indestructable, Power, Exceedingly
8th / Valorite 50 80.1 Invulnerability, Indestructable, Vanquishing, Supreme


In order to craft magical equipment, a blacksmith must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have one mandrake root and one garlic per consecration.
  • Must be using an ancient blacksmith hammer.
  • Must have enough magery and mana to work with the material in question. (See Table 1)

Any equipment crafted by a blacksmith with all of the requirements met will be consecrated. The blacksmith will unequip any held items or equipment and cast the consecration spell on the equipment as it is crafted. Note* Be sure to pause adequately in between attempts when crafting magic equipment to give your character time to recover from casting the spell.

The concecration spell can still fizzle, and will sometimes even at GM magery when working with Verite or Valorite.

First and Second Order Equipment

All equipment has a 20% chance of being designated as First order.

First order equipment retains the hue of the resource it is crafted from. Second order equipment does not.

Second order equipment is also restricted to having attributes one tier lower than normal, unless it is exceptionally made. In other words, exceptionally crafted equipment is still eligible to attain it's usual maximum attributes even if it is deemed second order.

For example, second order equipment which is made from Valorite and is non-exceptional will only be able to attain a maximum damage level attribute of Power, rather than Vanquishing.


There are three types of magical equipment that blacksmiths can craft. Weapons, armor and shields.

There are four sets of magical attributes that can be applied. Protection Level, Damage Level, Accuracy Level and Durability Level.

Weapons can have Damage, Accuracy and Durability attributes applied to them while Armor and Shields can only have Protection and Durability attributes.

Each type of attribute is broken down into 5 possible tiers.

Table 2: Magical Attributes
Protection Level Damage Level Accuracy Level Durability Level
Invulnerability Vanquishing Supremely Indestructable
Fortification Power Exceedingly Fortified
Hardening Force Eminently Massive
Guarding Might Surpassingly Substantial
Defense Ruin Accurate Durable

To determine whether or not the equipment will attain any magical properties from it's consecration, the system will run a series of tests. These tests are performed on each attribute from every applicable set, starting from the top tier. In order for an attribute to be selected, it must pass every test.

Once an attribute is successfully applied, or if none are, the system begins checking through the next set.


Weapon being created
Damage Level Accuracy Level Durability Level
Vanquishing Fail Supremely Fail Indestructable Fail
Power Fail Exceedingly Fail Fortified Fail
Force Fail Eminently Success! Massive Fail
Might Success! Surpassingly n/a Substantial Fail
Ruin n/a Accurate n/a Durable Fail

In the above example, the end result for the weapon being created will be "Eminently Accurate" and "of Might" with no durability bonus.

The tests that are performed by the system to determine whether each individual attribute fails or succeeds in being applied are as follows:

  1. Does the Blacksmith have enough Magery to work with this metal? (See Table 1)
  2. Does the metal being used qualify for this attribute? Certain metals are considered soft and are not sturdy enough to be eligible for certain durability bonuses. As per table 1, dull copper, copper and gold are only eligible to achieve the lowest tier durability bonus, while the highest tier Bronze can be is Substantial.
  3. The system "casts" the consecration spell internally on individual attributes to check for spell fizzle each time. This makes it more difficult to achieve attributes when working with Verite or Valorite.
  4. 20% chance to succeed in applying the attribute if the above tests are passed.

If you succeed in passing all of these tests, the attribute in question is applied to the equipment. As soon as one single attribute is applied, the "Exceptional" tag is removed (where applicable.) Typical bonuses for exceptional status are also removed. All magical equipment will have maker's mark unless it is disabled.

If none of the attributes are applied successfully, the equipment will remain non-magical. Exceptional equipment will remain as is with no changes.

Ancient Smithing Hammer

Ancient smith hammers are found as loot from the various ore elementals. Verite and Valorite elementals have a better chance of dropping them. Each hammer has a certain number of uses before they are destroyed.

Note* If you have magery on your blacksmith but do not wish to make magical equipment, simply use a regular smith hammer instead of an ancient one.

Consecration Spell Notes

Consecration is an enchantment spell which requires mandrake root and garlic to cast. Your character automatically casts the spell when all the requirements are met for magic equipment crafting. As with other spells, you only need one of each required reagent per consecration attempt.

After the equipment has been crafted and the consecration spell has been cast, there are three possible results. Spell fizzle, consecration successful on second order equipment, or consecration successful on first order equipment. The sound effects for the consecration spell vary depending on whether the equipment is first or second order.

If equipment was created and mana was consumed, but there was no effect on the equipment, this is because none of the attribute rolls were successful.