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Angel Island is ever committed to thoughtfully producing quality content that doesn't interfere with classical gameplay. With that commitment in mind, our esteemed host Adam Ant is excited to introduce the Sheet Music system!

General Information

The Sheet Music system is unique to Angel Island and works in conjunction with our custom Music Composition system.

Alongside simplifying the composition process, Sheet Music allows entrepreneurial troubadours to sell their tunes to other musicians, either in person or by adding the Sheet Music to the Music Box.


Rolled up Sheet Music:

  1. Purchase a MusicCompositionBook and ManuscriptPaper from a Bard NPC.
  2. Preface your composition with its settings (see below,) such as which instrument to play and at what tempo.
  3. Fill in the MusicCompositionBook with your razor formatted settings + song + lyrics. Note that commented out lines do not need to be removed for this to work.
  4. Double-click the ManuscriptPaper and target the book.
  5. The blank ManuscriptPaper is turned into RolledUpSheetMusic.

Result: "RolledUpSheetMusic" plays when double-clicked. The composition book is the original source of the tune and remains in the composers possession for safekeeping.

Because it is not possible to further copy Sheet Music, this new system has added a completely new market to the economy on Angel Island!

Note that playing RolledUpSheetMusic is still subject to the skill requirements of the music composition system.


The way to specify the individual directives for your song in a macro file is in the comments section at the top of the macro.


# The Decisive Battle FFVI, performed by a sheep: Jan 2022

# Author: a sheep

# Song: The Decisive Battle FFVI

# Instrument: lute

# Tempo: 100

# Prefetch: false

# NewTimer: true

# Price: 1000

# Napster: true

Certain options will remain at their default settings if unspecified.

If the price of a song remains unspecified, then it will be set to free if added to the Music Box. If Napster is set to true, people who buy your Sheet music can add it to their music box, but *only* their music box. (The music will not he added to the broader system.)

For more information about these settings, click here.

Note: It is recommended to copy/paste this at the beginning of your compositions.

Composition Book

Typing directly into books within Ultima Online is generally not recommended as the books have a tendency to break up lines etc.

An easy workaround, and indeed the recommended approach, is that players either type their compositions into a text editor of their choosing or create razor scripts and then copy/paste them directly into the composition book in the game.

NOTE* You do not need to fix any spacing or manually edit the book whatsoever after copy/pasting into it. The system is designed to straighten things out during the Sheet Music creation process.