Tree of Knowledge

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The Tree of Knowledge (TOK) is an ancient treefolk that is said to harness the ability to see from afar. Many adventurers have lost their pet companions during their travels and have leveraged the abilities of the ToK for their safe return home.


The TOK can be found in the South West portion of the Hedge Maze.


The Tree of Knowledge may offer several services to the concerned pet owner. Howver, the TOK will charge a fee... The fee is based on the overal strength of your pet; to assist stronger pets, the TOK will ask for a higher fee. To request a specific service from the TOK, stand near it and say the correct keyword followed by your pet's name. For example, in order to resurrect your pet Llama "Jeff", you must say: "I wish to resurrect Jeff".

Service Keyword Description Requirements
Return Pet I wish to return the spirit of <petname> The Tree of Knowledge calls upon the spirit of your pet and brings it to your location. Only the spirit of your pet may make this journey. If your pet is alive, it will die in the process. You must be bonded with your pet.
Locate Pet I wish to locate <petname> / I wish to find <petname> The Tree of Knowledge senses the location of your pet and provides coordinates.
Bond Pet I wish to bond <petname> The Tree of Knowledge taps into the minds of both you and your pet and forges a strong bond between the two of you. Your pet will be instantly bonded to you.
Release Pet I wish to release <petname> The Tree of Knowledge taps into the mind of your pet and severs its connection to you. Your pet will be released. Normal rules regarding taming skill requirements apply.
Resurrect Pet I wish to resurrect <petname> The Tree of Knowledge returns the spirit od your pet to the living. Your pet will be resurrected. Warning: Normal rules regarding pet skill loss apply!