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General Information

Sea charts are maps that point to secret Fishing spots. They are obtained by doing the sea gypsy escort quests at city docks.

When fishing in a secret fishing spot, the catch rate of nets, maps and MiBs (Mesage In a Bottle) is boosted. High-level MiBs (level 4 and beyond) can only be obtained by fishing in a secret fishing spot. The secret fishing spot is marked on the map by multiple map pins. You must sail to and fish at every map pin to complete the sea chart.

There are 5 levels of sea charts. The name of the map indicates the level of the sea chart. For instance, if the map is called "a good fishing spot" it is a level 3 sea chart.

Level Label No. pins Catch boost MiB level
1 fair 2 x2 1
2 decent 3 x3 2
3 good 4 x4 3
4 fabled 5 x5 4
5 legendary 6 x6 5

Gone Fishin

Launching Your Ship

Pack your ship, the sea chart, your favorite fishing pole and head out to shore and launch your ship. To save time, launch your ship near the secret fishing spot. Secret fishing spots tend to in the vicinity of land.

The First Pin

Hand the sea chart to the tillerman (drag-drop). The tillerman will inspect the map and say "Ar, what be yer command cap'n?". To instruct your tillerman to sail to the first map pin, say: "single 1".

The tillerman will now attempt to sail to the pin in a straight line. If your tillerman happens to crash your boat against an obstacle, you'll have to sail around the obstacle yourself. Once the obstacle has been cleared, say "single 1" once again to continue your journey. Important: To proceed with the next step, you must let your tillerman arrive at the pin (by having issued the "single 1" command.) If you sail to the pin manually, nothing happens!

Once arrived, the tillerman will say the following: "We have arrived at nav point 1, sir." The tillerman will also note that you have arrived at the fishing spot by proclaiming: "Ar, looks to be good fishing about here sir." Now it's time to pull out the old fishing pole and start fishing! For about 15 minutes, the catch rate of special items (nets, maps and MiBs) is boosted. The higher the level of the sea chart, the greater the fishing boost. The fishing spot is quite small - about 4 tiles in either direction of the map pin. Make sure you fish within this little area to get the fishing boost. You are allowed to move your boat during the boosted fishing period. But make sure you return to the fishing spot again! Note: All fishers on your boat will benefit from the fishing boost.

During the boosted fishing period, the tillerman will assist you. If you are fishing in the incorrect spot, the tillerman will say: "Ar, why ye be fishing over there?" If you are fishing in the correct spot, the tillerman will assure you by saying, for instance: "Ar, ye be in the right spot there skipper." If you are fishing in the correct spot, but the resource node has run out, the tillerman will suggest you try fishing off of some other side of your boat. For instance, he will suggest: "Have you tried port side?"

During the boosted fishing period, you can expect to pull up plenty of sea serpents, so be ready! Like always, you'll find nets, maps and MiBs on the serpents. The treasure maps will always be of level 1. The messages in a bottle will be of the same level as the sea chart. Be careful! Level 4 or higher MiBs will spawn on krakens!

Once the tillerman has stopped commenting on your fishing, you know the boosted fishing period is over. You will have completed the first pin of the sea chart!

The Next Pin

To proceed to the next map pin, say "single 2" and repeat the fishing process. The higher level of the sea chart, the more map pins there are.

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