Boats and Pirating

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On UO:AI, boat security has been adjusted to balance risk vs reward.

  • You must have a boat's key on your person to command it.
  • Your ghost may command the boat provided your corpse is on the boat and has the boat key within it's contents.
  • Bones decay times has been increased for bones on a boat which contain a boat key.
  • You can now dry dock a boat that has ghosts onboard (they get kicked to shore.)
  • You may not dry dock a boat with clutter on deck (including bones)
  • You can no longer recall off a boat key. However, single clicking it will display where the ship is located.

Note* You must turn off "always run" to be able to walk off a ship's plank. If your character is running, you wont be able to disembark.

Grappling Hooks

The Pirate Smuggler NPC sells grappling hooks. A grappling hook is a rope with a big hook on it used to board a boat.

  • You must be on a boat to use a grappling hook.
  • You may only successfully grapple a boat that is not moving.
  • Any living players on the boat you grapple will “toss the hook back into the ocean” whereby resulting in a failed grapple.
  • If you successfully grapple a boat, you will receive a one-time teleport onto the deck of the target boat.