Boats and Pirating

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On Angel Island, boat security has been adjusted to balance risk vs reward.

  • You must have a boat's key on your person to command it.
  • Your ghost may command the boat provided your corpse is on the boat and has the boat key within it's contents.
  • Bones decay times has been increased for bones on a boat which contain a boat key.
  • You can now dry dock a boat that has ghosts onboard (they get kicked to shore.)
  • You may not dry dock a boat with clutter on deck (including bones)
  • You can no longer recall off a boat key. However, single clicking it will display where the ship is located.

Note* You must turn off "always run" to be able to walk off a ship's plank. If your character is running, you wont be able to disembark.

Ship Tracking

With ship tracking you can now track nearby ships and either flee or approach.


  1. Board your ship. Ship tracking only works when you're on a boat.
  2. Carry a spyglass. (Craft through tinkering.)
  3. Carry a map. One of the following maps will do: Local map, city map, sea chart, or world map. (Buy from a mapmaker NPC or craft through cartography.)
  4. To begin, say "start tracking".
  5. While tracking, your map will periodically be updated:

a. The map will be centered at your location. b. Map pins will be added to your map. The first map pin will always represent your own boat. All of the following map pins represent other boats that are nearby.

Having either high cartography or tracking skill grants a small bonus to your ship tracking range:

  • You may track up to 5 ships.
  • To stop, say "stop tracking".
  • Ship tracking has no skill requirements; anyone can do it.

Grappling Hooks

The Pirate Smuggler NPC sells grappling hooks. A grappling hook is a rope with a big hook on it used to board a boat.

  • You must be on a boat to use a grappling hook.
  • You may only successfully grapple a boat that is not moving.
  • Any living players on the boat you grapple will “toss the hook back into the ocean” whereby resulting in a failed grapple.
  • If you successfully grapple a boat, you will receive a one-time teleport onto the deck of the target boat.