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The Hedge Maze is a labyrinth located southwest of Britain deep in the forest. *(From Brit Moongate, just head west/left.)

A large body of hedges form a giant, rectangular maze leading to a few buildings on a small hill in the middle that was once the laboratory of the mage Relvinian. A practitioner of dark arts, the mage has not been seen in many, many years. The area is heavily patrolled by evil mages and imps and a number of rares once spawned in and around the house. Less experiences adventurers should avoid this area and especially the compound in the middle of the maze. Signs nailed to trees around the perimeter of the maze ominously warn all to keep away.

At various places around the hedge maze are beautiful gardens, fountains, benches and other tranquil places of reflection.

Inside the compound at the center of the maze, an underground passage connects the larger house to the second structure in the compound, which in turn leads to a stone mage tower with a pentagram atop. Several magical teleporters manage access to both passages and buildings.