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General Information

Zora is a mystical creature of aquatic nature that resides within "Zora's pond" (centrally located at the Northern edge of the Hedgemaze). Always hungry for fishsteaks, Zora is responsible for Angel Islands primaty supply of slayer weapons and instruments. See Also: The Slayer.

Artificial Intelligence

Zora uses the Intelligent Dialogue system in which players query NPC's based on keywords to discover new conversation options.

Interacting with Zora also requires a modicum of relationship building. This process is aided by the generous gifting of large volumes of fishsteaks.

The Process

After getting to know Zora well enough and striking a deal for the creation of a weapon or instrument, there is a waiting period before you will recieve it.

She will send a subtle notification via telepathy making you feel as though it is time to come get your item ie. "You feel Zora may have finished your item."


In order for Zora to consider creating these items you must acquire a number of components:

  1. A player crafted, non-magical weapon or instrument of your choosing that can be made from any material type.
  2. Hundreds of fishsteaks or whole fish.
  3. A specified number of Blood Vials. (Explained below.)

Blood Vials

In order for Zora to create these powerful items for you she requires a certain amount of a creatures blood. These Blood vials are used to determine the slayer type of the weapon, and are obtained as drops from applicable slayer groups.

For example, killing a Ghoul and carving it's corpse with a knife may result in the discovery of a vial of Ghoul Blood. Ghoul Blood carries the Silver property with it and can be used by Zora to fashion silver slayers.

Note that you must carve the corpses with a dagger or knife to get blood vials. (Just like you do when collecting feathers meat and hides, etc.)

Creatures with above-average fame ratings are guaranteed to drop one or more vials, while creatures with below-average fame ratings merely have a chance to drop a single vial.