Why Play on Angel Island?

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Angel Island is a classic Ultima Online Shard circa Publish 15 with enhancements set in a Felucca ruleset. More important than the era though, is the philosophy behind the design. The Angel Island team has set out to build a solid and robust incarnation of Ultima Online that embodies all the things we loved about early UO while still growing and expanding to create an ever-interesting shard for everyone to play.

Angel Island is the brain child of Adam Ant. Angel Island facilitates the need for higher quality content that doesn't interfere with the elements of classic gameplay which make it so fun and solid. We brought the Summoner and the Slayer templates - giving you alternatives to the traditional tamer money making templates. For the true old school AI vets, we have added a few interesting things into the world that are sure to bring back the nostalgia that is AI.

Our Angel Island shard runs on a brand new server-class machine running 20 cores. Angel Island will not be running on a VM shared with any other processes, it'll be running on the bare metal of this server-class box. The internet connection to the box is a 1000 megabits per second symmetrical fiber optic line. The diesel generator backed power system ensures you will have 24/7 access to your UO account! I hope you all enjoy Our UO (or OWO for short). We’ve had a lot of fun putting the machine and the shard together, so we hope you will enjoy it!