Unusual Keys

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General Information

Unusual keys were created as part of a campaign to reduce the amount of magic equipment created by the game server in order to balance the Magic Equipment Crafting system.

Now, players will find these unusual keys in place of magic equipment, wherever it is normally found in the world. They are used to open unusual containers located in dungeons.

Note that these unusual containers are automatically recycled every few hours or so with new ones, not depending on whether or not they have been unlocked or opened.

Color Coding

There are three types of unusual keys: Uncommon, common and rare. Common keys are yellow, while uncommon keys are blue and rare keys are red.

These colors correspond with the containers that they open, which are found throughout dungeons. As soon as you get close to an unusual crate or chest, you will see color coded text describing it. The color indicates which type of key is needed to open it.

The less common your key, the higher chance you have to find unusual items within these crates.

Detect Hidden

Detect hidden has both active and passive uses related to the location of the unusual containers:


Players with training in the Detect hidden skill will encounter unusual containers earlier than untrained players.


Using Detect hidden on an area will actively reveal any unusual containers within it.