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Getting Started – Making Money If you just want to get going… head north of Britain to the cemetery. There you will find an assortment of undead training monsters.

Otherwise…. follow the guide below.

Bard Warrior

You can nearly build this template for free, and it is capable of bringing in great amounts of gold once you master it. Take a look at The Bard's Table to find out the difficulty of the type of monster you wish to slay.

I’d start the character with 50 healing and 50 resist.

First and foremost travel to the cotton fields east of Skara Brae, or West of Britain and collect as much cotton as you can hold. Inside the tailor shop you can use the spinning wheels to spin it into thread and then looms to process it into cloth. Use your scissors to then cut it into bandages.

Training Weapons Skills

Purchase the training weapons of choice in a quantity of about 10. The training weapons for each skill are

Fencing= dagger Swordsmanship = skinning knife Archery = regular bow bought from NPC Macing = shepherd's crook or club

Hire a fighter from the dueling arena the near Jhelom. To do this stand next to one of the fighters and say “<name> hire” or use the drop-down context menu. (shift + click the NPC)

Have the NPC follow you to a safe area. Set up a macro in razor that looks something like this-

Double Click Bandage Wait .5 seconds Target NPC Wait 8 seconds

-and set it to loop. You may need to adjust delays for lag.

Now command the NPC to attack you with “All Kill”. Quickly type “all stop” followed by “all follow me”. If you did this correctly your NPC should be standing there mindlessly while you swing away and heal him at the same time. This will take you to GM weapon, tactics, anatomy, and healing if you decide to train that long.

Training Musicianship

Next I would purchase about 10 instruments from a vendor and find a safe place to macro. Create a razor macro that looks like this-

Double click instrument (set by type) wait .3 seconds Use skill peacemaking wait .3 seconds Target Self wait 11 seconds

-and set it to loop. Again, adjust any delays for lag. This should raise your musicianship and peacemaking to GM if you macro overnight.

You now have a character who’s skills look like this

100 Weapon 100 Tactics 100 Anatomy 100 Healing 100 Musicianship 100 Peacemaking 50 Resist – You can probably raise another skill like hiding to 50 for the time being, it won’t work every time.. but is nice if you need to go AFK (away from keyboard.)

Making that gold!

I’d start off by farming a graveyard or other overland spawn until you have enough money for decent player-made armor and weapons. Just use the peacemaking skill, target a monster, and begin attacking worry free! You can use this time to master how the template works (i.e. how long it takes you to heal yourself, and how long peacemaking lasts on a creature before it becomes aggressive and needs peaced again). Remember to practice caution around magic mobs, because you are still a newbie with 50 resist.

Once you can afford GM/magic weapons and armor, you will be able to take on plenty of the larger game out there and pocket bigger gold. Once you master your peacemaking abilities you could even take on Ogre Lords with your weapon.