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Player vendors work very much the same as they did on OSI, with a few modifications.

The Basics

You can place a vendor in a house you own with a Contract of Employment. You can also rent a vendor in your house with a Vendor Rental Contract. Both types can be purchased from an innkeeper or a minter.

When you double click the deed to place a vendor, it will stand where your character is standing and will not move from that spot. It will start with 1000 gold in its account. There is a daily fee, which is charged every UO day (a UO day is 2 hours). When the fee is charged, it will be deducted from the account.

When you double click the rental contract, you will be prompted to target the floor where the vendor should go. Afterwards, click the deed and select "Contract Options" in the context menu with the house owner. On this menu you can decide how much to charge for the rental, how often, and who to rent the vendor to. Once the vendor is created, you can click the vendor and set it to renew at each interval automatically in the options.

Be sure to check out the Shopkeeper Profession page to learn how you can enhance your experience on Angel Island as a vendor enthusiast.

Renegotiation Contracts

Renegotiation contracts can be used on your player owned vendors to switch the rate they charge you for their service to a commission based model. They are available for purchase from innkeeper NPC's.

Whether you use a renegotiation contact or not, your vendor will always charge a base fee of 20 gold coins per in-game day (every 2 hours irl time.) However, before using a renegotiation contract, this daily fee will increase depending on the total sale value of the items you place on it for sale.

Using a renegotiation contract will ensure that the daily fee will stay locked at 20 gold coins, but now any gold earned from items sold at that vendor will be reduced by a 7% commission fee.