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Install & Running

Download link: https://www.uocartographer.com/

On startup, UOCartographer may say: "Cannot locate all maps". This is not a problem, press "OK" and let UOC convert the client map files. Read on if this goes wrong!

Common issue on Angel Island!!! When UOC is converting the client map files, it may give the following error: "UOC cannot find the client map files. Please check this file exists: ...". This is not a big deal. We can simply skip this stap by downloading the pre-rendered maps from the UOC website. Go to https://www.uocartographer.com/ and donwload: ".Mul Files Fix". A readme is included to explain what to do with the downloaded .bmp files. Essentially, you simply have to drop these .bmp files in your UOC data directory (typically: "Documents\UOCartographer"). Restart UOC. The problem should now be resolved!

Other problems:

  • UOC shows a black screen: Double and Triple check your client paths. Make sure you are setting the right one for your client and that it actually exists in windows explorer.
  • UOC doesn't track my player: Try running both your client (= the Angel Island launcher) and UOC as admin.

More support:


Right-click anywhere on the map to open the options menu:

  • Show Coordinates - Will display your character position in the top left corner and the position your cursor is pointing at in the bottom left corner. It can be set to either display coordinates using latitude and longitude (92* 38'N 19* 11'W) or tile X and Y (1050, 570).
  • Atlas... - Displays the entire facet your are currently on in a new window. Your position is marked but will not update if you move until you reopen the Atlas window.
  • Facet - Allows you to change the map to a different facet. If you move the map will go back to the facet you are on.
  • Add Marker... - Allows you to add a marker + label at the point you right clicked on the map. To Edit/Delete a label, right click the label and select Edit Marker...
  • Filter Markers - allows you to check/uncheck which labels you'd like displayed.
  • Find... - (Ctrl+F) This options allows you to do one of the following:
    • People & Places: Find a player by name. Type in the name and then click OK. You may additionally track the player by checking the "Track?" checkbox.
    • Lat & Long: Go to a specific location using latitude and longitude coordinates (92* 38'N 19* 11'W).
    • X & Y: Go to a specific location using X and Y coordinates.

Map Markers Files

The map marker files can be found in the UOC data directory (typically: "Documents\UOCartographer") and have the ".map" extension. These files can be edited in text to add/edit/remove markers.