Tax Collector

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Letter recovered from the estate of Palatial the Magnificent following his mysterious disappearance:

To my illustrious business associate, I must apologize for this delay in payment for your extraordinary services. As you know, a man of my caliber is never to be struck with misfortune by my own doing.
The greed of Lord British can not be understated. It appears he has hired his goons to track my adventurous treasure hunting. After all the treasures I bring into the fine city of Britain this buffoon is now taxing me on my adventures!
They must be spying on me, I know none of these fools can decipher my maps. And right as I dig up my treasure they approach me on horseback demanding exorbitant taxes! And if I refuse to pay he writes a criminal warrant so his thugs can come murder me! He even has his puppet Town Criers announcing my location to anyone who will listen!
I'm afraid with the unreasonableness of the situation I'll take voyage with the sea gypsies and search for treasure elsewhere.
Look to the constellations and know we shall meet again.
Palatial the Magnificent, Treasure Hunter extraordinaire.

General Information

Tax collectors will sometimes appear after digging up a treasure chest. Failure to pay their fee will result in you being flagged as a criminal and your location announced via the town crier.

After finishing the chest your criminal timer will eventually wear off.