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  • Size: 8×8
  • Can be placed anywhere a small house can be placed.
  • To unpack: double-click the tent bag
  • Vendors can be placed in tents (note: you must use a ‘contract of employment’ – vendor rentals don’t work).
  • If another player places a house on top of your tent, the contents of the tent will be placed in your bank box. The contents of vendors will be lost.
  • Can be dyed (dying changes the color of the tent bag, the tent’s secure backpack (see next item), the tent roof, but not the tent walls).
  • Once placed, the tent contains a backpack that is locked down and secure. It must be emptied before the tent can be packed up again.
  • Tent bag is newbied
  • Cannot be purchased from NPC vendors
  • When a tent decays, everything in the backpack also decays.
  • Given to all characters once.
  • Cannot be placed if the player already has a house.
  • To pack up: double-click the bedroll.
  • When packed up, the tent bag ends up on the ground (where anyone can pick it up).
  • Decay time banking is similar to house banking, up to five days. (In other words, if you place it and log out for five days, it will decay, but if you continue to play, it will not decay.)
  • Default tent bag color is beige (like a bedroll).
  • Default tent roof color is light gray.
  • Tent wall color is light blue.