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Carpentry allows you to craft furniture, house add-ons, wooden weapons, and bows.

Training Carpentry

  • 0-30 Buy from NPC
  • 31.5 Medium Crate 15 wood
  • 42.5 Vesper/Trinsic Chair 15 wood
  • 52.6 Wooden Shield 9 wood
  • 63.1 Writing Table 17 wood
  • 73.6 Quarter Staff 6 wood
  • 78.9 Shepard's Crook, Gnarled Staff 7 wood
  • 84.2 Yew Wood Table 27 wood
  • 86.8 Easel 20 wood

These are the skill breaks and what to make at that skill level. If you are still working on a very cheap item when you get to the next skill break keep making the lower wood item until the skill gains slow down. For instance at 60 carpentry you are less than 50% success rate for ballot boxes. If your next level is a cheaper item then you want to switch as fast as you can. This list does not have multi-resource items as this guide will not assume you also have those skills at the time of working carpentry.