Siege Tents

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Place siege tents to help attack your rivals!

  • Size: 8x8
  • Can be placed anywhere a small house can be placed.
  • To unpack: double-click the tent bag
  • Vendors can be placed in tents (note: you must use a ‘contract of employment’ – vendor rentals don’t work).
  • Can be dyed (dying changes the color of the tent bag, the tent’s secure backpack (see next item), the tent roof, but not the tent walls).
  • Once placed, the tent contains a backpack that is locked down and secure.
  • Tent bag is newbied
  • Cannot be purchased from NPC vendors
  • When a tent decays, everything in the backpack also decays.
  • May be placed by a player who already owns a house.
  • May not be placed by a player who already owns another placed siege tent or newbie tent.
  • May not be packed up.
  • Decay in 24 hours, regardless of use or play time.
  • Default tent bag color is grey-green.
  • Default tent roof color is dark green.
  • Tent wall color is light green.


Siege tents are crafted by Tinkers.

  • 100 Cloth
  • 15 Tent Poles, which are each made from:
    • 15 Boards
    • 10 Ingots