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Ivan stood alone at the base of the mountain, sweat dripping from his mighty brow as he worked tirelessly in the heat of the Britannian sun.

The day had been surprisingly uneventful compared to recent times, he thought, as he leaned over to closely inspect a boulder resting at his feet. Not thinking much of it, the miner took up his pickaxe which had been resting up against the mountain.

Without hesitation he hoisted the hefty tool high up into the air, pausing only briefly for balance before bringing it down into the boulder below. It was completely eviscerated. "Ha ha ha," the miner laughed as the dust settled around him.

A group of starlings which had been pleasantly singing took flight at the unusually loud crunch, catching his attention. With his gaze now turned away from the rock, he noticed a shadowy figure running straight towards him.

"Ivan!" it shouted, before he could even take on a defensive stance. It was Benton the Blacksmith. What was Benton doing all the way out here, Ivan thought, before once again placing the pickaxe on the ground. He turned to greet the smith. "Hail good Benton, what news?"

"Ivan, I am glad I found you before you heard the word and headed there thyself; there has been an incident at that cursed place of sin, *Dungeon Shame*.. Word is that a crew had been working inside the entrance when suddenly a horde of *Ore Elementals* came pouring in behind them, blocking their escape!"

Benton fell to one knee, and was breathing heavily. "Woah now, Benton" insisted Ivan, "take a moment to catch thy breath, and then please, continue." Benton let out a sigh and removed his bascinet. After a moment, he slammed his fist into the ground.

"What's more... is that the *Angry Miners* guild is rumoured to be headed there themselves, as they claim all precious ores for themselves!"

Shame is a dungeon found just west of the Blighted Grove. It is one of the oldest dungeons in the game, one of the so-called Anti-Virtue Dungeons, or Dungeons of Sin. It is commonly considered a great starting place for newer players or characters, particularly its first level.

Unlike other dungeons, one descends or ascends through black moongates instead of stairs or ramps. It has a total of 5 levels. Monster difficulty roughly increases each level.

Shame is currently the only place to find Ore elementals and the Angry Miners guild.