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Resources are essentially commodities in ultima online's world. They can be harvested and used in crafting or sold as a lucrative income. In order to deal with large quantities of resources you must buy commodity deeds from your local banker. You will get the green deed and then must select the commodity to deed. It must be in sufficient large quantity. Not just a few boards or ingots.

In order to obtain resources you will need a resource gathering skill (mining,fishing,lumberjacking, etc) and also a resource gathering item.

Gathering Resources

Mining - Pickaxe - Double click your pickaxe inside a cave or alone a mountainside. Now take the ore to a nearby forge to smelt it down to ingots used in smithing.
Lumberjacking - hatchet/one sided axe- double click on axe and target a tree that has not been recently cut.
Fishsteaks - fishing pole - double click pole and target water.
Reagents - mage shops/magical creature corpses - you must buy these or collect these from dead monsters.