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The Rares Factory System is a system created to create different truely rare items. For instance, we have rare wines and there are only so many bottles of a certain vintage. There were only ever 20 bottles of “Toad Hollow Merlot” produced, so you will see on the bottle:

  • Toad Hollow Merlot, bottle 1 of 20
  • Toad Hollow Merlot, bottle 2 of 20
  • Toad Hollow Merlot, bottle 3 of 20
  • Etc..

Item Identification also shows this M of N identifier so that you know if you own a ‘true rare’.

Other ‘true rares’ generated by the rares factory will not carry the M of N designation in the name, but will still carry it in the description returned by Item Identification. For instance, the fabled sword Hrunting does not give M of N in the name, but you can find exactly how many of these swords were ever produced (or will ever be produced) by using Item Identification upon it.

Note* if an item is not part of the rares factory then using the item id skill on it will produce the message: "you determine that the item is of unknown origin."

Currently, these true rare items spawn on a couple of the overland spawns.