Quest Deed Tickets

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Quest Deed Tickets are a secure reward system for player sponsored, server wide quests. Using this system you can create a deed full of reward items for anybody who completes the quest and attains it.

How it works

Begin by filling a container with the intended reward items for the quest. Then type the [quest command and target the container. The container full of goodies will then be magically teleported to a completely secure location and a 'quest deed' will appear inside your backpack.

At this point, you will notice that the town crier will start announcing the location of the deed. When the quest deed is double clicked, the chest reappears at the location of the deed.

Prior to creating the deed, you can announce your quest in Discord

Once the deed is created and inside your backpack you can then run around the shard, hiding in dungeons etc until you are finally slain for the deed.


The town crier will only announce the location of the deed provided that certain rules are followed.

Deeds which are locked down inside of a house or in a lockbox/secure container will not be announced. However, being inside a house is fine, so long as the house is public.

The town crier will also not announce the location of the deed if it is inside a bankbox, or if the deed is inside the players backpack and the player is logged out.

Multiple deeds can be stored inside a single backpack without generating extra announcements, up to a maximum of 15.