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Angel Island's Player-Run Quest System is a novel method that enables you the player to create and run your own quests!

The Player Quest system allows any player to convert a chest of loot into a Quest Ticket. This ticket’s location is then automatically announced via the Town Crier. When questers find or otherwise recover the ticket, double clicking it will claim the original chest of loot.

Players issue the command "[quest" to initiate the quest. The chest and all contents are stored away in a special location inaccessible to players. The Quest Ticket will expire after 24 hours and the Prize will decay if left unclaimed.


  • The Town Crier will not announce quests where the ticket is inaccessible to the general public. I.e., your bank box, locked down, secure, or in a private house.
  • The Town Crier will update its knowledge of ticket whereabouts every 5 minutes
  • The Town Crier will only announce 1 ticket per mobile or container. If you are carrying 3 tickets, the Town Crier will count that as 1 quest and will therefore only issue the one announcement.
  • The Town Crier will only announce up to 5 concurrent quests.
  • The Town Crier will announce new quests immediately upon creation.
  • The Town Crier will not wait to announce a new quest; the moment a new quest is kicked off, the Town Crier will be notified. This announcement will still be governed by the 5 concurrent quest rule.
  • The system is designed to allow players to place Quest Tickets into various lockdowns which reside outside of personal residences. For example, the goodwill boxes.
  • You may only generate a quest ticket from the contents of a bankbox, or from the floor of a home you own (owner only.)