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Getting Started

Within the swamps live a creature called a “Bog Thing”. When the creature is attacked it spawns “boglings”. Killing the boglings and the bog thing will reward you with seeds. These are foundation or first generation seeds. They come in four colors, blue, red, yellow and plain.

To grow a plant, acquire a seed, a pot, and a pitcher of water. Provisioners sell pots and innkeepers sell pitchers. Most people who grow plants also invest in a water source such as a water trough. To fill the pitcher, click on the empty pitcher then click on the water source.

Throughout the land there are bare patches of dirt. Double click on the pot then the dirt to fill the pot. Water the pot twice and it will then be ready for planting.

Fertile Dirt

Fertile dirt can be found on the corpses of earth elementals. When a seed is planted in fertile dirt, it has a chance to grow faster. For example, a seed is placed in fertile dirt and grows normally for two days. On the third day however, the plant indicates that it is actually four days old. You’re an extra day closer to being able to see exactly what type of plant you are growing. Fertile dirt’s accelerated growth is random, it won’t happen every time you use it for planting.

Growth and Maintenance

Plant growth on Angel Island is controlled by a heartbeat. The heartbeat resets every 24 hours. So a seed that was planted at 10am will not show growth until 10am the following day. On the second day, you will be able to see a seedling in the bowl. The seventh day you will see the plant and the ninth day you will be able to gather seeds or resources if the plant has been healthy the entire nine days.

To successfully treat plants that are sick you will need greater poison, greater cure, greater heal, and greater strength potions.

If a plant is healthy or vibrant, applying a greater strength potion and a greater heal potion will help the plant stay disease free.

If you forget to take care of your plants for one or two days, when you open the gump it will say the plant is dying. Use two strength and two heal. With luck you will be able to save the plant.

Cross Pollination

When the plant is seven days old click on the upper right hand corner on the plant symbol. You will see another gump. In the middle line you will see three squares.

The first square represents the plant. And explanation point (!) behind this square means that the plant can be cross-pollinated. And “X” behind the box means that the plant has self pollinated itself and will produce seeds that will match the parent exactly. . A yellow minus sign means the plant is not mature enough to pollinate. Use the bottom row of buttons to cross-pollinate, gather resources and gather seeds. Simply click on them.

If you have an explanation point the plants must be close to each other to cross-pollinate. Open both plants gumps and click on the plant symbol in the upper left hand corner. If you see an explanation point on both plants click on the first box in the bottom row of one plant, then click on the first box in the middle row on the second plant. A successful cross-pollination will result in a message “You have successfully cross pollinated the plants.”

UO Stratics has a page explaining how to get specific plants from cross pollination.

White or black mutant seeds are a random phenomenon. They will not give seeds or resources.

Plant Gump

!insert picture of plant gump here

When you double click on a plant this is what you will see. We will start on the right hand side. The first small box contains a plant. By clicking on this you will see another gump, one that shows you the amount or seeds and or resources you can harvest or if the plant is ready to be cross pollinated. Directly across from that you see a water pitcher. A yellow minus sign means the plant needs water. To water the plant you would simply click on the pitcher and then target a pitcher of water in your pack or gardeners kit. If you see a red minus sign, the plant needs to be watered twice. A red plus sign means that the plant has been over watered.

Going back to the left, you see that the plant is infested with insects. This is indicated by the yellow plus sign. A red plus sign denotes a large infestation or sickness. If you click on that second box, you will find that the codex of wisdom appears. It explains what it wrong with the plant and how to cure it of either disease or in this case insects and fungus. If you carry your potions in your backpack and have an empty bottle in your backpack, all that you will need to do is click on the potion that is needed.

Seed Boxes

Seed boxes are useful containers for storing multiple seeds (499 total per container.) These containers can be purchased from NPC farmers.