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Moonstones give characters with 0 magery the ability to travel long distances, just like recall runes and gate travel.

NPC Mage vendors sell Moonstones, Powder of Translocation, and Moonstone Bags.

Use powder on a moonstone to mark it for the current location.

Use a marked moonstone to open a gate to the marked location.

Note* The same rules apply to moonstones that apply to rune stones. You cannot mark them inside a dungeon or a house. You cannot enter one when a criminal or during the heat of battle. Anyone can enter the moonstone gate after it has been activated if they meet the aforementioned criteria. Moonstones are slow acting so please give it time to create the gate.

Moonstone Bags are blessed bags that only hold moonstones. You wont lose your stones when you die if they are in a moonstone bag, and they will keep their position in the bag on death.