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General Information

The Moongates on Angel Island are classical in that they take you to different locations based on the phases of the moons.


The Gatekeepers are NPC's which use Intelligent Dialogue to interact with players. They can alter the Moongate to take you wherever you'd like, such as towns or even dungeons.

The gatekeeper accepts a donation of 35 gold for gates to dungeon locations which will be taken from the players backpack, unemployment check or bank account unless the player does not have enough to spare.

Note* certain dungeons are located away from the mainland and are only accessible by ship.

Gate Hues

The gatekeeper is kind enough to aide the adventurer by changing the color of the moongate to demonstrate whether it is safe to enter, or potentially hazardous.

A red-hued gate indicates an unguarded or otherwise dangerous location, a bluish moongate indicated a guarded destination.