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Remember! Angel Island is a dangerous place! If you’re not careful, your house could be LOOTED! So read carefully!

You may own one house per account. You may co-own others to your house which will give them additional options above those who are “friended” to your house.

Houses will decay, but are refreshed when you play. Every 20 minutes of playing time will equate to one day of credit to keep your house from falling. This can be done with any character on the account. You can build up to 90 days of credit on your account to prevent your house from falling. If you have over 15 credits, your house’s condition (when you check from the house sign) will be like new. You will see changes showing greater amounts of decay if you have less than 15 credits built up.

If you are going to be away from Angel Island for greater than 90 days, contact a staff member to discuss keeping your house from falling while you are away.

Custom Housing

Custom housing can be a rather ugly thing. In order to maintain a believable level of fantasy/RP the staff here at Angel Island oversee the construction of custom housing by allowing players to create houses our test server which will then be reviewed by staff. If your design is accepted that house will be set to a deed and made static. At that point, you and only you can buy replicates of your house which you can sell to players.

For more information about custom housing, please check the Custom Housing article.

Private vs Public

Houses can be either public or private.


  • Does not effect notoriety – If players are blue they stay blue when they enter, if they are grey or red they stay grey or red when they enter the house.
  • You can lock doors to your public house.
  • You can place vendors – Owner can place, friend can place, stranger cannot place.


  • Players flag gray when entering – You may attack anyone who enters your private house freely. If your guest is “Blue” he will flag “grey” while inside..
  • You can lock the doors
  • You cannot place vendors in a private house

Containers and storage

All houses get the following containers

Any custom house: 270 lockdowns, 2 secures
Small House: 270 lockdowns, 2 secures
Small Shop: 275 lockdowns, 2 secures
Small Tower: 300 lockdowns, 2 secures
Sandstone: 450 lockdowns, 3 secures
Large Brick House, Large Patio, Log Cabin, Villa: 600 lockdowns, 4 secures
L-Shape/Large Marble: 750 lockdowns, 5 secures
Tower: 1150 lockdowns, 8 secures
Keep: 1300 lockdowns, 9 secures
Castle: 1950 lockdowns, 14 secures

Storage Upgrades

House storage can be upgraded with Storage Upgrade Contracts which are purchasable from a General Contractor vendor.

Upgrade Name Secures Lockboxes Lockdowns Cost
Modest 3 3 500 82562
Moderate 6 4 900 195750
Premium 9 5 1300 498900
Extravagant 14 7 1950 767100

When you redeed a house, a check for the price of all upgrades will be placed in your bankbox.

Secure Containers

Secure containers can be placed in your house by placing a container anywhere in the house and then saying "I wish to secure this". It will prompt you who you would like to grant access to the container. Anyone that does not have access to the container cannot see or take anything inside that container.

Only the owner of the house can release secure containers. Co-owners cannot release secure containers.


In addition, houses will get 'lockboxes' which is a normal container that will hold items per normal container rules. The lockbox counts as a single locked item, but items in the lockbox are not locked down. Items in the lockbox will not decay, but can also be stolen. Lockboxes can be trapped and locked based on what type of container it is. House owners can place approximately half as many lockboxes as it has secure containers (small houses get 2). To make a lockbox, simply place your container on the ground and say the words "I wish to lock this down". A target cursor will appear; click the container. The house will automatically recognize the container as a lockbox container.

Decorative Containers

You can make containers work as purely cosmetic features in your house. To do this, speak the words "I wish to make this decorative" then target the container you wish to make decorative. You must be standing inside your house for this to work.

By doing that, that box can no longer hold any items, and is purely decorative. To make the box functional again so that you can store things in it say the words "I wish to make this functional" and target the container. Again, you must be inside your house for this to work.


Angel Island has specialty doors that may be used in any player owned house. These doors are sold by Architect NPC’s (found in carpenter’s shops), and are currently available in five flavors. They may be removed, rotated (deco tool), and individually keyed. Feel free to let your imagination run wild. You can even create secure portions of your house by locking off certain rooms.

It is highly recommended that you rekey your house through the house sign after placing a new door or rotating an existing one. You may lock either with your new key.

Placing New Doors

Doors may be placed in the same manner as any other house add on. You will be given a confirmation gump before placement is finalized.

  • Purchase deed from any Architect NPC
  • Double Click deed
  • Target ground where you would like the door
  • Select ok from the confirmation gump

Removing Doors

You may remove doors at will with the aid of an Axe.

  • Equip Axe
  • Double Click Axe in Paperdoll
  • Target Door

You must hit your door three times to succefully break it down. Upon each hit, you will recieve a message notifying you which stage you are at.

  • Your Axe does great damage to the door.
  • Your door begins to fall apart.
  • You destroy the item.

Rotating Doors

Doors may be rotated to occupy 8 diffent angles. (4 facing directions x 2 opening direction) Both purchased doors and original doors may be manipulated. To rotate your door, use a home decorating tool, purchasable at any architect for 10k, and rotate them as you would any other item.

  • Double click decorating tool
  • Target tool
  • Select Turn
  • Target door

Individual Door Locks

The Tinker NPC sells a contract to rekey a single lock in your house. To use this deed simply double click it, and target a door in your house. A key will be placed in the owners pack, and bank box. Those keys will then be the only keys that can lock/unlock the targeted door.

This change coupled with strongboxes makes it possible for players to run their own inn with private rooms.

Certificate of Identity

Certificate of Identity confirms the Player Serial Number for positive ID purposes.
For example, you meet Xyphus in-game and really like the guy and trust him. You tell him to meet you at your keep tomorrow where you will friend him. An imposter shows up with the same name, same look... the COI solves this problem and can positively distinguish between players.

You can target the COI when friending or co-owning someone to make the co-ownership an absolute certainity. There is no fooling the Certificate Of Identity.