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Despise is one of the dungeons original to Ultima Online. It is considered an Anti-Virtue Dungeon. Despise is located at the sextant coordinates 47º N, 1º W. To get to the dungeon by foot, walk north from the Britain Cemetery and go left through the mountains. Not counting the entrance area, Despise has three levels.

Level 1 The stairs going up from the entrance area is considered Level 1. It is chock full of Lizardmen and Ettins.

Level 2 Level 2 consists of Rats, Scorpions, Ettins and Lizardmen. There is a popular lockpicking destination just inside Level 2 and to the north.

Level 3 Level 3 is a little more varied. It has Trolls, Ogres, Ogre Lords, Ettins, Titans, Cyclopean Warriors, and an Acid Elemental.