Daily Rares

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For the Collector folks, there are also daily rares. These are on a random 36 hour timer and can be quite difficult to acquire them all.

Rocks - Ice Dungeon White Wyrm

Tall candle - Deceit Meeting Room

Closed barrel - Cove orc fort dock

Whip - Despise level 3 shrine

Forged metal - Micoc Warriors Battle Gear

Horse shoes - Minoc Stables

Gold Wire - South Brit Warriors Guild

Silver Wire - Occllo - Hammer and Steel Smithy

Full Jars - Wind Lord/Lady Area

Fruit Basket - Savage Crypts Rooftop

Tool kit - Jhelom Gadgets and Things

Hanging herbs/flowers - Moonglow Herbal Splendor

Checkers - Trinsic lounge NW of bank

Chessmen [black] Trinsic Keg and Anchor

Chessmen [white] Skara Brae The Shattered Skull

Bookcases with Books - Hythloth evil mage classroom

Birdnest - Cove Warrior supply strongbox

Yellowfin Tuna Steak - Occllo docks