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Covetous is located at 62º 13' N, 82º 41' E

Covetous is one of the seven Anti-Virtue Dungeons. Its values are the opposite of the Sacrifice virtue. The dungeon was carved a long time ago into the Mountains of Avarice. There are five levels. The first two consist of a narrow and winding passages which connect larger caverns. The first level is designed as a strange ecosystem while the second passage is where the The Void Pool can be found. The third is what appears to be the remains of some prince or king's abode that has long been abandoned, either willingly or by forcefully when the monsters arrived. Statues in the great hall heed warning to stay away for first time visitors:

"Beware Ye Who Enter These Halls!" "Go no farther, lest ye face thy death!" The fourth level is an old prison with cells where vampires have taken up home. The fifth and the final level is near a subterranean lake where a double shadow wyrms spawn.

Covetous monsters become stronger the deeper players travel into Levels.