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Champion Spawns There are two types of Champ Spawns on Angel Island. The traditional champ spawns of OSI, and mini champs. There are no powerscrolls!

Champ Spawns: One of the only ways to get vanquishing weapons and invulnerability armor, as well as massive quantities of gold. They operate exactly as champ spawns on OSI did. They also drop skulls. There are 6 skulls in total and when all 6 are gathered they can be used to summon the harrower.

Mini Champ Spawns: Mini Champ Spawns are a lot like regular champ spawns, except tiny. As you would expect. They are designed to be done by 3-4 people, and they offer a unique reward.

These spawns can be found in dungeons and kin strongholds. Pull the lever and off you go!

Seasonal Champ Campaign We’ve introduced two new champions and will be introducing several more as part of our Seasonal Champions campaign. These first two are the Frozen Host and the Pirate Champion (Hoard Guardian.) These aren’t just rehued standard champions either. Both the Frozen Host and Pirate Champ use advanced Artificial Intelligence and drop highly desirable rares instead of the usual gold/weapons/armor.

Azothu, the Frozen Host: Winter Champion The fabled frozen host spawn seems to have settled into ice dungeon, and I have it from a very good source that they are likely to be there through February.

These cold critters will only appear once per day, so if you see them you will probably want to go ahead and kill them \:\)

The icey boss of the crew is rumored to carry some special equipment, but I’m afraid that’s all the info I have at the moment…

Have fun, and try to keep warm! brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • shivers*

Eifel Island Pirate: Spring Champion The Pirate Champ is our latest Seasonal Champ and will be running through the summer. The Pirate Champ is highly unique. It’s a custom created humanoid NPC with advanced Artificial Intelligence. The home of the ‘hoard guardian’ has pirates surrounded with water beasts so your normal Champ PvP Tactics will need a little adjustment! The area is also No Recall, No Gate, so boat travel is the only way onto and off of the island. Did I mention Grappling Hooks?!!

Overview There are a total of 6 different Champion Spawns on Angel Island. Five of these may be summoned. (for information on summoning, see below) and the sixth, known as Lord Oaks; can be found in the Pixie Dungeon a brief run south east of the entrance to Shame. While the loot is nothing to scoff at, the true prize to be had by these beasts is the skull that drops. Collecting one of each of these skulls is the only way to spawn the Mega-Champion the Harrower.Spawning the Champion Angel Island has a unique spawning process wherein one must sacrifice specific items for a chance at their champion of choice. This holds true for all but Lord Oaks, who as previously mentioned inhabits the Pixie Dungeon, it is spawned at all times. In order to spawn each of the five remaining champions, you must place the required sacrifice upon the alter within the tower and utter the summoning command I offer this sacrifice in your name CHAMPION. An example would be “I offer this sacrifice in your name Neira”. The sacrifices required are as follows:

Barracoon : A wedge or wheel of cheese Neira : 100 bones Rikktor : 500 of any single type of gem Mephitis : 1000 spider’s silk Semidar : 100 blood vials Running the Champ There are four levels of spawn you must clear before the Champion will show itself. Each progressing level of spawn will be more difficult than the last. Eliminate the spawn on each level to progress onto the next. You must work relatively quickly however because should you fail to kill the mobs fast enough, it is possible for the spawn progression to reverse. You may track this progression at the skull altar found in the center of the Champion Area.

On the altar you will find a number of red and white Skull Candles. The red candles are an indicator of what level spawn you are currently at and how close you are to summoning the Champion, the more candles you have, the closer you are. The white candles are an indicator of how close you are to getting another red candle.

5 White Candle per Red Candle 4 Red Candles per Level

Once the Champion has been summoned, you must use all your wits to slay them. Take warning! While a few Champions can be defeated by the all mighty zerg, most have unique defense capabilities that will require you to develop special tactics! Have a ball and good luck!


  • High-Level Magic Armor and Weapons
  • ~30k Gold
  • 1 Champion Skull


Level Progression

– Baraccoon – Greed 1st level: rats and slimes. Watch out for mobs as they can kill. 2nd level: Ratmen and dire wolves. 3rd level: Hell hounds and Rat mages. 4th level: Silver serpents and rat archers.

– Semidar – Pain 1st level: Imps and mongbats. Again watch out for mobs as the imps are quite lethal. 2nd level: Gargoyles and harpies. 3rd level: Stone and fire gargoyles. Fire gargoyles have aura damage and can severely damage pets even when peaced, so keep the hp bars up. 4th level: Daemons and succubi. Succubi have a hp drain attack with a large radius so stay back and keep it to one set of pets per succubi, they can be peaced but the hp drain still occurs.

– Neira – Death 1st level: Ghouls and boggles 2nd level: Bone Knights and Wraiths. 3rd level: Bone magi and bone knight lords 4th level: Bone magi lords and rotting corpses. Peace the rotting corpses as these will give you the most trouble.

– Mephitis – Venom 1st level: Giant spiders and Scorpions 2nd level: Terra drones and warriors 3rd level: Dread Spiders and Matriarchs 4th level: Terra Avengers and poison elementals

– Rikktor – Power 1st level: Lizard men and snakes 2nd level: Lava lizards and Ophidian warriors 3rd level: Drakes and Ophidian Justices 4th level: Dragons and Ophidian Avengers /Knight errants

– Oaks – Enlightenment. 1st level: Pixies and shadow wisps 2nd level: Wisps and Kirin. 3rd level: Unicorns and Centaurs 4th level: Serpentine dragons and Angels.

Summoning Champions

We have now introduced a new Champion spawn system whereby you can summon a Champion of your own choosing, for a specific sacrifice!

Upon your approach, the altar will speak to you to indicate it’s ready for a new Champion to be summoned.

In order to summon a Champion, you must place the appropriate sacrifice upon the altar, and speak the following words:

“I offer this sacrifice in your name ”

For example, “I offer this sacrifice in your name Semidar”

The following list shows the sacrifice requirements for your chosen Champion:

Barracoon : A wedge or wheel of cheese! Neira : 100 bones Rikktor : 500 of any single type of gem Mephitis : 1000 spider’s silk Semidar : 100 blood vials Once your spawn has been started, and you get to at least one white skull, the altar will cease speaking and prevent any further summoning attempts until either the existing Champion spawn is complete, or the amount of skulls drops all the way back to zero. This will allow you to change an existing spawn that somebody else previously failed.

Note, that this is now the only way to fight a Champion spawn, so get collecting your sacrifices!