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We have introduced bolas as a way for the warrior to fight back against pets. The design is patterned after the true historical use of the bola (a weapon consisting of two or more heavy balls secured to the ends of one or more strong cords, hurled by the Indians and gauchos of southern South America to entangle the legs of cattle and other animals.)

Bolas can be made by tinkers with the following supplies:

  • 3 leather
  • 4 Bola Balls (10 ingots each)

Throwing the bola with any effect requires the following skills:

  • Anatomy: Effects the effectiveness (50%)
  • DEX: Effects the effectiveness (50%)
  • Tactics: Effects accuracy (100%)

The difficulty reflects the creatures strength, and whether or not it is magical. (A dragon is harder to entangle than say a bull).

The bola cannot be resisted. The duration of entanglement is a function of the creatures difficulty (see above) and the throwers Anatomy+DEX.

Bolas have ~n uses, and up to n+m uses for exceptional

Exceptional Bolas add a X% accuracy bonus.

Bolas are ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’ K% of the time.

The thrower must be standing still when throwing, otherwise they will miss.