Basilisk the Familiar

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General Information

Basilisk are custom tameable creatures on Angel Island. Toxic as they are stealthy, these ferociously loyal 3 slot pets will quickly become your best friends.. and your enemies’ worst nightmares.

Artifical Intelligence

A common theme on Angel Island is the addition of artificial intelligence where possible in order to enhance the user experience. The Basilisk fill this role for tameables with enhancements to their capacity for stealthy behavior.


Basilisk will watch your character closely and hide with you exactly when you hide. This is not limited to the hiding skill and includes the invisibility spell.


Should you enter stealth mode and begin to move around while hidden, your pet Basilisk will keep track of your location and follow in your footsteps.

Familial Healing

Once your Basilisk has fully bonded with you it will start to offer some regenerative bonuses to your character, provided that you are nearby. This special regenerative ability continues to function even while you are hidden.

Specifically, every 5 to 7 seconds a female Basilisk will regenerate a small amount of your mana, while a male Basilisk will regenerate a small amount of your stamina instead. Both male and female Basilisks additionally regenerate a small amount of your hit points at these intervals as well.

The amount which is recovered by these regenerative effects grows depending on the amount of time since the creature bonded with its master, and whether or not the Basilisk in question has the Healing Potency gene, attained through the breeding system.


The Basilisk are part of the Dragon Breeding system and are able to attain any of the genes that a dragon can, with the exception of the Breath Damage gene.

Additionally, Basilisk are able to attain two other genes:


The Toxicity gene increases the viability of the Basilisks poisonous melee attacks. Those carrying this gene will deal slightly higher level poison to their targets on average.

Healing Potency

The Healing Potency gene is specific to the Basilisk and increases the amount that its familial heal ability regenerates.