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General Information

Banks in Ultima Online are used for the storage of your characters currency and items. They work very similarly to banks in real life in that your checks and gold are treated as equivalents.

To open your personal bank chest, you must be in the vicinity of a banker NPC and say “bank”. In Britain, the bank is just outside of the starting area where your character was created.

Each character on your account gets a bank chest, and the contents of each bank chest are unique to that character. Bank chests are safe from thieves, so you can feel safe storing your gold and other valuables in it.

Bank contents are universal; no matter which city you left your items in you can still remove them from the bank while in another city.

Using Your Bank Account

There are various ways that you can use the bank aside from storage alone. These include:

Direct Withdrawl

By asking a Banker NPC to "withdraw" funds from your bank (eg. "Withdraw 500") you can extract gold directly to your backpack.


You can also ask the banker to make a "check" (eg. "Check 5000") which will turn a maximum of one million gold coins into a lightweight paper note. To redeem a check, simply double click it while it is inside your bank box.

Large Purchases

When purchasing items from NPC shopkeepers, any purchase you make which is valued at 2000 gold or more will extract gold from your bank account directly to cover the costs if you are not carrying enough gold on your person.

Player Vendors

Purchases made from other players vendors are able to extract funds from your bank account if required to complete the purchase.


Using the [sharebank command, players on Angel Island are able to share currency between the characters on their account without needing to log out. This new and immersive system has been custom designed to enhance player's quality of life without detracting from classical gameplay.

The command will toggle your characters enrollment in the shared account program. Afterwards, your character will be able to extract currency from the total amount between each enrolled character if they run out of currency.

Once enrolled, asking a Banker NPC for your balance will show you both your personal balance as well as the total balance of all enrolled characters on your account.

There are multiple ways that you can extract these funds if your characters bank runs out of currency, including direct withdrawals, check creation and large purchases from NPC shopkeepers.

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