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Citizens of Angel Island! Be warned that evil is lurking! Keep a hand on your coins and an eye open for those lurking in the shadows.

Bandits have become a problem and Lord British is looking to fix this. All of his town criers will receive news and spread the word when a bandit has been reported. For the adverturers out there, just ask the town crier for the "news" and they may report the location of a bandit.

Bandits typically hang around other scoundrels. They will often return to their savage or brigand friends after committing horrible crimes on innocent civilians but sometimes choose to wander solo in the woods searching for victims.

Lord British is personally offering a heafty bounty should these bandits be dealt with. Ha, no, i'm just kidding, we all know he won't displace coins from himself. However, he is a generous Lord and will let you keep whatever the bandit has stolen from others. It's said they carry around 10 times the amount of coin as an Ettin!

One more word of caution. Bandits are very sneaky. They wear clothes as dark as night, thought most of the time they are so soiled with blood and... other things that no sane person would bother to collect them.

Heed this call adventurers and remove these vile beings from our lands!

17th dictum of Lord British,
Speech delivered by The Royal Stentor, Oratio Sermo

General Information

Bandits locations will be announced via the Town Crier.

Killing them grants a nice gold reward with a chance for other special rare items.