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Donations to Angel Island are appreciated. They go towards server upkeep, internet providers, domain and web hosting and systems development.

When you donate, you will receive a confirmation email from Angel Island requesting your account username. A deed will be given to the account. Please allow up to 24 hours for email confirmation.

If you would like to see the donation items in game, you can head over to the [NEW] guild house located at 17° 39° N 25° 35° E (1687 1423)

Grey Brick Fireplace – $15
Sandstone Fireplace – $15
Stone Fireplace – $15
Evil Portraits - $15 (walk by and click on these items. they talk and make sound)
Bone Throne - $15 (groans when you sit on it)
Bone Table - $15
Bone Couch - $20 (trash talks you)
Haunted Mirror - $30 (walk by and click on these items. they talk and make sound)
Bed of Nails - $30 (walk on this item makes sounds and graphics)
Sacrificial Altar - $30 (acts similar to a trash bin but with sounds and graphics)
Replica Statue - $30
Mongbat Dartboard - 10$
Hanging Axes Display - 5$
Hanging Swords Display - 5$
Wooden Coffin - 15$
Cherry Blossom Tree - $20
Cannon (working) Decor - $30
Donation Webpage

Direct Donation Link

  • These items are also available from in game play at a greatly reduced drop chance. In some instances only available from staff ran events.