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Spells Guide

1st Circle Spells

  • Clumsy - Temporarily reduces the target's dexterity, bringing them closer to exhaustion.
  • Create Food - Creates a random food item in the caster's backpack.
  • Feeblemind - Temporarily reduces the target's intelligence, lowering their mana recovery rate.
  • Heal - Restores a small amount of the target's lost health.
  • Magic Arrow - Shoots a projectile that deals minor damage to the target.
  • Night Sight - Increases the target's ability to see in low light conditions.
  • Reactive Armor - A set amount of incoming physical damage is reflected back toward the attacker. Amount increased with GM Inscription.
  • Weaken - Temporarily reduces the target's strength, decreasing the amount of weight they can carry and lowering the damage they can deal in combat.

2nd Circle Spells

  • Agility - Increases the target's dexterity, allowing for an increased swing rate.
  • Cunning - Increases the target's intelligence, improving their mana recovery rate.
  • Cure - Chance to cure the target of poison depending on the poison's strength, with a low chance to cure deadly poison but no chance for a lethal dose.
  • Harm - Deals damage to the target based on the casters distance from the target, with the highest damage occurring when the caster is right next to the target.
  • Magic Trap - Sets a trap on a container that will damage anyone attempting to open it.
  • Magic Untrap - Disarms any magical traps on a target object.
  • Protection - While Protection is toggled on, you can temporarily no longer have your spells "disrupted" when damaged, at the cost of reduced physical and magical damage resistance. On Siege Perilous, Magic Resistance remains unaffected, and the spell is no longer toggleable.
  • Strength - Increases the target's strength, allowing them to carry more weight and deal more damage in combat.

3rd Circle Spells

  • Bless - Temporarily increases the target's luck, making them more likely to succeed in their actions.
  • Fireball - Shoots a ball of fire at the target, dealing low to moderate damage.
  • Magic Lock - Locks or unlocks a target object, such as a chest or door.
  • Poison - Poisons the target, dealing damage over time and reducing their ability to heal.
  • Telekinesis - Allows the caster to manipulate objects from a distance, such as opening a chest or pushing an object. Will not untrap containers on Siege Perilous.
  • Teleport - Teleports the target to a pre-set location.
  • Unlock - Unlocks a target object, such as a chest or door.
  • Wall of Stone - Creates a wall of stone that blocks movement and can be used to fortify a position.

4th Circle Spells

  • Arch Cure - Arch Cure will cure everything in the area with a good chance of curing an otherwise lethal dose.
  • Arch Protection - Arch Protection increases the armor rating of everything in the area.
  • Curse - Curse will decrease all the statistics of the target evenly, with how much depending on the casters magery skill.
  • Fire Field - Creates a magical field of fire that deals damage to anything that touches it.
  • Greater Heal - Restores a large amount of the target's lost health.
  • Lightning - Shoots a bolt of powerful lightning that deals moderate damage to the target.
  • Mana Drain - Drains some mana from the target, but the mana does not get transferred to the caster.
  • Recall - Teleports the caster to a pre-set location when targeting a marked rune. Not available on Siege Perilous.

5th Circle Spells

  • Blade Spirits - Summons a whirling pillar of ethereal blades that attack nearby targets. (Less powerful on Siege Perilous.)
  • Dispel Field - Cleanses one tile of any magical fields.
  • Incognito - Temporarily disguises the character with a randomly generated appearance and name.
  • Magic Reflection - Provides 8 circles of magical spell reflection. (15 with GM Inscription.)
  • Mind Blast - Damages the target based on the difference between their highest stat and lowest stat. Damage halved when resisted.
  • Paralyze - Holds the target in place for a short time.
  • Poison Field - Creates a magical field that poisons all who touch it.
  • Summon Creature - Summons a creature to aid in your adventure.

6th Circle Spells

  • Dispel - Attempts to dispel a summoned creature, with the chance to dispel being related to the owners magery skill level.
  • Energy Bolt - Fires a bolt of magical energy at the target, dealing massive damage the target.
  • Explosion - Causes a powerful explosion that deals a significant amount of delayed damage to the target.
  • Invisibility - Renders the caster invisible.
  • Mark - Marks a rune at the current location for the caster to return to later using either the Gate or Recall spell. (Recall disabled on Siege Perilous.)
  • Mass Curse - Curses all creatures in the target area.
  • Paralyze Field - Creates a field of paralysing energy which halts the movement of any creatures who touch it.
  • Reveal - Reveals any hidden players in the target area.

7th Circle Spells

  • Chain Lightning - Shoots a bolt of lightning that jumps between multiple targets within the target area, dealing damage to each.
  • Energy Field - Creates a long, impenetrable wall of energy at the target that none can pass through.
  • Flamestrike - Envelops the target in a column of magical fire, dealing devastating damage.
  • Gate Travel - Players who are not in dungeons can target marked runes with the Gate Travel spell, opening a temporary gate to the location.
  • Mana Vampire - Drains a significant portion of the target's mana, transferring it to the caster.
  • Mass Dispel - Attempts to dispel any summoned creatures within a large radius around the target.
  • Meteor Swarm - Calls down a catastrophic meteor strike that deals massive damage to all nearby targets.
  • Polymorph - Temporarily transforms the caster into a monster or animal type of their choosing. Note that you may not ride a mount while under this spell's effect.

8th Circle Spells

  • Earthquake - The ground crashes up and down violently around the caster, debilitating all those unfortunate enough to have been standing nearby.
  • Energy Vortex - Creates a hostile vortex of energy that attacks and damages nearby targets. Less powerful on Siege Perilous.
  • Resurrection - Brings a dead player character back to life.
  • Air Elemental - Summons an elemental made of air that fights for and protects the caster.
  • Summon Daemon - Summons a powerful daemon to fight for the caster.
  • Earth Elemental - Summons an elemental made of earth that fights for and protects the caster.
  • Fire Elemental - Summons an elemental made of fire that fights for and protects the caster.
  • Water Elemental - Summons an elemental made of water that fights for and protects the caster.

Siege Perilous

This table depicts any differences for spells between the Angel Island and Siege Perilous servers.

Spell Differences Table:
Angel Island  Siege Perilous
Protection Reduces Magic Resistance. Does not reduce Magic Resistance and is no longer togglable.
Telekenesis Can be used to open trapped containers. Will not work on trapped or locked containers.
Recall Allowed. Not Allowed.
Blade Spirits Full Strength. Weakened.
Energy Vortex Full Strength. Weakened.