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Siege Perilous is Launching May 6th at 11am EST!

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of Ultima Online, with Siege Perilous – the ultimate challenge for the most virtuous and skilled players out there! This classic version of the game uses a special ruleset where you can only log in one character per person, making it the ultimate test of your abilities. Beta is now open to the public for testing!

Experience combat mechanics that are era-accurate to Publish 13.6, with special moves like Crushing Blow or Paralyzing Blow, and bonuses to certain spells if you have Inscription or Poisoning. Test your skills on the Siege Perilous test server and try out the test functionality, which allows you to set your skills or stats by simply saying a command. ("set magery 100")

Mounts are enabled on Siege Perilous, but beware – the recall spell (including scrolls) has been disabled, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game. Travel through the game using the gate travel spell, and immerse yourself in the unique challenges and sense of community that Siege Perilous offers!

The name "Siege Perilous" is a nod to Arthurian legend, and the idea that only the most virtuous and worthy players can succeed on this challenging server. It's a throwback to the early days of Ultima Online, where players had to rely on their true character and skills, rather than relying on overpowered gear or exploits.

Over the years, the Siege ruleset has developed a devoted following of players who appreciate its unique challenges, and regard it as a classical UO experience for players who are looking for a more authentic and challenging version of the game. And with a simple, notoriety-based Alignment system in place of Factions, guildmasters can choose from 9 different Alignments and engage in group-oriented battles with other Alignments for control of the game!

So what are you waiting for? I, Adam Ant, would like to formally invite you to join us on May 6th at 11am EST (8am Pacific) by creating your character and beginning your adventure with us at the West Britain Bank!

Good luck, Adventurers!