• [Mortalis] Siege Bless
    Siege Bless is a mechanism that allows Siege Perilous players to bless one of the items on their character. With no insurance and few blessed objects on the shard, this facility enables them to ensure that their favorite or most valuable item cannot be stolen from them or lost in the event of the character's death. The Siege Bless can be switched to different objects as often as desired. Typically it will be applied to a weapon, spellbook or difficult-to-replace artifact being worn by the character, but it could equally be used on a valuable item in their backpack whilst it is being transported through public areas.
    (from UOGuide)
    Note: we already bless spellbooks, so that's a nonissue.
    PS. one devation from Siege is that we use the spoken command "i wish to bless this" instead of OSI's context menu. (I never liked context menus (slightly immersion breaking.)
  • [core] Many core updates.. involves all shards.
    Not visible to the players, but enhances core functionality/portability, and better support for the Siege Ruleset.

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